The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm Invites You to Attend Our Free Virtual Seminar Series:

Trusts 101: 

What Are Trusts and Why Would You Want One?

Thursday, March 30, 2023
1:00 p.m. EST

Questions That Will Be Answered In This Seminar:

  • What is a Trust?
  • ​How is a Trust different than a Will?
  • How is a Trust different than a Financial Power of Attorney?
  • ​How is a Trust a Probate Avoidance Strategy?
  • ​What can a Trust do?
  • ​What are the benefits of having a Trust?

Featuring Shannon Pawley, J.D., LL.M

Shannon is the Owner at The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm. During her legal career, Shannon has represented the full spectrum of clients from international blue chip companies to single parents. After 10+ years serving as a Vice President for National Law Firm, Shannon welcomed the opportunity to return to her estate planning roots. At her current firm, Shannon is able to focus on her passion to help her clients age with dignity, grace, and independence throughout their lives while assisting the client to create their post-life legacy.

We pride ourselves in being able to educate and assist the community to make informed decisions when it comes to estate planning and asset protection. 

In addition to the seminar that you have selected above, please consider signing up to attend another of our free seminars offered in our Virtual Seminar Series to discover answers to such questions as:

  • What is an Advance Medical Directive?
  • When would you use an Advance Medical Directive?
  • ​How difficult is it to create an Advance Medical Directive?
  • ​How is an Advance Medical Directive the kindest gift you can give a loved one?
  • ​What are some of the risks to a minor child if a parent becomes ill COVID-19?
  • ​Can you give another "temporary guardianship" of a minor child without the involvement of the courts?
  • ​How easy is it to revoke the "temporary guardianship"?
  • ​Are you limited to who can serves as the "temporary guardian" of the minor child?
  • What happens if you become ill and die without a will?
  • Must you go through Probate if you die with a will?
  • ​Can you avoid Probate?
  • ​What are the "costs" of Probate?.
  • ​How can you protect your assets?
  • ​How can you ensure your legacy?
  • ​Why putting your house into your children's names may be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make!
  • ​How to provide for minor children or grandchildren.
Attendance to this virtual seminar is free, but number of attendees is limited!

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